Support for smaller businesses

Coaching is not just for executives in big corporations. Anyone can benefit from coaching and people who are involved in managing small and medium size businesses are among those who can benefit most. Why? Because they don’t usually have the comfort blanket of the big corporation around them – with its training and development professionals, HR experts and ready supply of business mentors.

Client comment:

Here’s one smaller business director’s experience of the value of coaching support from Next Level’s Jeremy Gomm. This feedback was received in November 2007 from the director of a £2m turnover manufacturing company in London:

“Jeremy’s coaching has given me a direction within my company as well as a direction for my company. It helped me to compartmentalise procedures and problems both of a human nature as well as a business nature and gave me confidence in my assertions of what is right and wrong for myself and the company.

“It enabled me to change a number of things: the company restructuring and its direction; my time management; and the attitude and behaviour from staff to their goals and aspirations.

“It has been a saviour for someone who was completely green at running a small business employing around 100 staff. And it showed me that life does not have to be all work.”


Navisys Aligner 20:20 Business Growth Programme

Next Level is accredited to facilitate the Navisys Aligner 20:20 Business Growth Programme, which is cost-effective business development designed specifically for small and medium size businesses by Navisys Transformation.

Navisys Aligner 20:20 is a set of consultancy tools and processes, supported by professional business coaching and mentoring, that has been developed from the highly successful Navisys Transformation Process. It enables high quality consultants to work with small and medium size businesses to help them to improve profits by growing sales and reducing relative costs, and to realise other business and personal goals that the principals wish to achieve.

You will find more information about the Aligner 20:20 programme by going to and clicking on the “SME Growth” button.