Personal and corporate communication development

Good communication is not rocket science. Most employees think their boss and/or their organisation is poor to middling. Most bosses and organisations think they’re pretty good. The reality is that if someone else thinks you are poor at communication then, with that person at least, you are. The only issue is whether it matters to you. If it does, we can help.

Communication is a simple process of getting the right message to the right audience in the right way and receiving some sort of response that tells you it’s arrived and has been (apparently) understood. ‘Right’ in this context means pretty much whatever you want.

Good communication follows the same simple process but creates clear evidence that what you wanted to happen as a direct consequence has, in fact, happened.

Whether your communication issues are personal, corporate, involve managing your people down the line or, in indeed, up the line, Next Level Communication development is aimed at helping you to create communication which has the ‘right’ effect.

Client comment:

“Prior to initiating the coaching programme the individual team members were largely working in isolation.  Poor communication was evident across functions.

“Through the programme the team established and owned a set of clear behaviours that were then cascaded through their teams. 

“The feedback from the reports to the functional manager confirmed that the programme had benefited the business unit as a whole, particularly with respect to open communication.”

Regional General Manager
British Waterways